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Installation 31: Words for the Scent Scene

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

We are grateful this week for an installation curated for the Odorbet by the talented fragrance and beauty writer Carla Seipp. The flavor of the words feel of the moment, and a mix of colloquialisms and industry adjacent street terms. Nothing less from an intrepid freelance fashion, beauty and fragrance journalist, thank you Carla!

Description: noun. A fragrance launch disrupting the status quo of the current industry landscape. - Carla Seipp

In both marketing and content Secretions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d’Orange or Molecules 01 by Escentric Molecule are full-fledged frebels.

Description: noun. Originally spotted on a T-shirt worn by the late and great Brooklyn Fragrance Lover, aka Carlos Powell. Defined as a “fragrance obsessed person”. - Carla Seipp

Well, just my off the cuff take...for me a fraghead is someone who views perfume as a creation, not just an adjunct to their wardrobe or grooming routine. Who appreciates the artistry that goes into creating a perfume even if they would never want, or have an occasion to wear, that perfume in their day to day life. Someone who is interested in how different notes interact and turn into a finished, cohesive scent. - user "gardencat13", from Fragrantica, a fragrance forum

Description: noun. Someone using scent to explore psychedelic/spiritual terrain. - Carla Seipp

In many cultures and spanning millennium scent has signified spiritual essence, where scent becomes allegorical to divine love and unison. An osmonaught treats scent with the same reverence using it to seek enlightenment, gratitude, or generally a deeper path of existence.

Description: Down to Fragrance. adverb. A spin on the other type of DTF. But good fragrance, as good sex, should be enjoyed with passion. An activity for anyone who is ready to deep dive into perfume with careless abandon. - Carla Seipp

They only shop DTF, where they seek out the most dedicated forums for shopping with and for their noses.

Carla Seipp is a freelance fragrance journalist and Editorial Associate at online publication, BeautyMatter. She has written on the subject of fragrance for Basenotes and the Escentric Molecules blog. Seipp also co-edited The Essence: Discovering the World of Scent, Perfume and Fragrance, published by gestalten, and presented at the Perfumery Gender Salon at the Zurich University of the Arts.

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