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Installation 32: Words for Scent and Architecture

Photo: Courtesy of An Ode to Smell Project

Definition: 1. (Science) Olfactory mapping is the chemical and physical process of how we interpret a large number of odor stimuli. 2. (Sociology/Art) Olfactory mapping is the process of matching coordinates of physical space(s) to a specific odor.

In order to honor the natural smells of the landscape in Singapore, the project "Ode to Smell" uses the process of olfactory mapping by creating and preserving olfactory captives of precise coordinates in the landscape.

Definition: Seen formally first in the "Ode to Smell" exhibition at the Venice Bienale for Archiecture in 2021, an olfactory postcard is a short, informal, olfactory message one can send to a friend that is remininesnt of a particular place. Not to be confused with a scentogram which is both a deco font inspired by 1950's advertising or a postcard you spray perfume onto before sending.

At the "Ode to Smell" exhibit participants are able to scan a QR code on a bottle and send an olfactory postcard to a friend reminiscent of a specific area in Singapore.

Description: Sensorial reflection is to consider an idea, a physical space or a specific experience with all of your senses.

After several years of audio-visual overwhelm to distract us cerebrally during the pandemic, sensorial reflection is a welcome framework where we can take in the world around us with all of our senses.

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