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Why Are Words Important

Updated: May 12, 2020

Much like the conundrum of how we smell, we humans also have no consensus on how we think. We do, however know that how we think is deeply affected by the words we use. For example, "climate change study" has a vastly different connotation than "imminent disaster planning." We know there is passive, neutral and aggressive ways of stating things that will inspire correlating behavior.

Since thought encompasses an "aim-oriented flow of ideas and associations that can lead to a reality-oriented conclusion", it seems apropos to study the words around a given subject matter or discipline. Since the nose has been left high and dry for years, we are compiling this Odorbet to provide more springboards for broader thinking around the landscape of the nose and scent.

Our thinking brains have also been on holiday thanks to the computer, so our nose thinking, or full bodied thinking, comes to the fore. Stink about that for a minute....

Image: Embroidery on fabric by Alighiero Boetti, from 1989.Credit...Alighiero Boetti by SIAE, Rome/ARS, New York, 2013, Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels, and Fondazione Alighiero e Boetti, Rome

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